Ringing in 2010
January 3rd, 2010 by Mike

They say that how you end the year is an indication of how you’ll spend the rest of the following year. If that’s the case, I’m in pretty good shape for 2010.

On Thursday, I took the Acela from Boston to Washington, DC. The Acela is a great ride, even if the whole length makes for a long trip. Still, with recent events in Detroit, I really didn’t want to deal with airport security at Logan’s International Terminal E.

Once I arrived at Washington’s Union Station, I took the Metro to Will’s place on the southwest waterfront. Thursday night, we went to see some of his friends for a New Year’s Eve party. It was a lot of fun, and the food was fantastic. Anderson Cooper must have been paid a lot of money in order to put up with Kathy Griffin. Sure, she’s funny, but she is incredibly annoying at times.

Friday, we did a whole lot of nothing. At one point, we did make our way to Pentagon City Mall where I picked up my new iPhone 3GS. This is a 16 GB model in White. My current 3G is having some pixel problems and I just came up for renewal. So I’m replacing the 3G and will send it back to be fixed. This is why I bought Apple Care on the phone.

Friday night, we met some more of his friends for drinks and then we headed up to Laurel, MD for game night with our friends Marc and Jason. They have this game called Killer Bunnies that is a lot of fun. We ended up being there way too late and just crashed for the night.

Come Saturday, the only thing we did was go out for dinner. We had plans to attend an event at my friend’s bar, but we both decided that we were too tired. On top of that, I had an early flight Sunday morning back to Boston.

When Will dropped me off at BWI this morning, I was met with a bit of a surprise–the lines. Southwest had thousands of people waiting to check in for their flights. In typical Southwest fashion, they moved that line incredibly well. I waited no more than 20 minutes to check in and check my bag. After that, airport security was a breeze.

I really only have one complaint, and that’s my own fault. I didn’t get Southwest’s Early Bird Check-in like I normally do. This left me with a B boarding pass. I’m used to getting a boarding pass in the low Still, I was fortunate to get a pretty good seat without having to play the MS card. I only do that when I’m having dizzy spells and don’t want to stumble while throwing my bag in the overhead. In this case, I only had my messenger bag that goes under the seat, so I was fine.

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  • Sandy Swank writes:
    January 4th, 201011:50 amat

    For a “Bruin boy”, you amaze me at how you maneuver yourself over the country…..picking up a flight here, going on the train there, getting on the Metro, etc. Way to go, Michael!

    Oh yes, and BTW, “Happy New Years” bugs me too along with many other grammar errors!!!!

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