Friendly Skies
Jan 4th, 2008 by Mike

A few years ago, United Airlines had a really bad summer similar to the meltdown they’ve had over the past few weeks. I honestly believe that they missed a golden opportunity to bring back their “Friendly Skies” ad campaign. Imagine the CEO doing a commercial saying that the airline has gone through some tough times but promises to bring back the friendly skies. I think it would be brilliant.

Who wouldn’t love to see them do commercials like this again?

Another Airline Merger
Nov 15th, 2007 by Mike

The rumors are flying around that Delta and United are talking about merging.

I agree that consolidation in this industry would be a good thing. However, I think the smaller guys should be merged into the bigger guys. Having two power house airlines merging scares me a bit, and frankly, the pilots unions will have a fit. What really would suck in this transaction is that Delta’s flight attendants aren’t unionized. They’d get screwed.

Go Round!
Oct 17th, 2007 by Mike

One of the cool things about living where I do is watching the planes take off from Logan. It’s a little more rare to see them land on that same runway.

Today, I saw something I’ve not seen at Logan before, and it’s been years since I’ve seen this happen. A Lufthansa A330 was coming in for a landing when he throttled up and started climbing. He did what’s called a “go round” meaning that it aborted the landing and went around for another pass.

A little later I watched it come in again where it did land this time. It was pretty cool to see.

You’re Welcome Very Much
Oct 8th, 2007 by Mike

US Airways to Reduce Pittsburgh Service in Early 2008
Oct 3rd, 2007 by Mike

This is a really sad day for Pittsburgh. Today, US Airways announced they’re cutting a ton of flights in and out of Pittsburgh.

The good news for Pittsburgh is that they’re keeping the new operations center and heavy maintenance facilities in Pittsburgh. For years, the “old” US Airways had their corporate headquarters at Crystal City, VA, just across the river from Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC. The real work of the airline was done in Pittsburgh, including technology and key offices. When US Airways was bought by America West, most of that stuff was moved to Phoenix.

It does affirm my belief that the job market in Pittsburgh just isn’t that great.

Northwest to Accept PayPal
Jul 3rd, 2007 by Mike

Northwest Airlines is announcing that they’re now accepting PayPal for customers purchasing tickets on their site.

The geek in me thinks this is pretty cool. I use PayPal when I get hotel rooms on Hotwire. Why not airline tickets?

Canadian Air Space
Jun 11th, 2007 by Mike

I never gave this much thought, but it looks like US domestic flights regularly go through Canadian air space. I’ve seen this in the past without giving it much thought. Today, it’s pretty clear that jetBlue flight 205 from New York’s JFK to Long Beach, CA is going through Canada.


May 28th, 2007 by Mike

While I was out walking Reggie tonight, I watched Lufthansa flight LH421 take off over my house. The flight is operated on a Boeing 747-400.

I’ve lived in this part of Boston for over a year now, and still to this day, every time I see a European airline flight come or go, I just giggle.

A good day for planes
May 21st, 2007 by Mike

My friend Steve lives in London and is an aviation geek like me. Today was a great day since the planes were taking off over my house and skies were crystal clear. I sent him this message:

I was just thinking about you. A British Airways 747-400 just took off over my house with crystal clear blue skies. You would love to be sitting on my couch this night.

Shortly after that, I sent this one:

And a Swiss A330, an Aer Lingus A330, and an Iberia A340.

Flight Memory
May 14th, 2007 by Mike

I’ve recently been playing around with It’s a tool that allows you to input all of your flights and then keep a history. In the past five years, I’ve flown 64 flights for over 80,000 miles, enough to circumnaviate the globe more than three times.  The map here shows just my domestic flights. It does not include four transatlantic flights and two transpacific flights. Oh, there are two intra-Europe and two intra-Australia flights as well.


I wish I still had the records of my road warrior days. That would really show some flights.

Here are some interesting statistics of my travels.


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