Travel Instincts
January 15th, 2011 by Mike

Every once in a while, something happens to me that’s just unbelievable. Today, I was on my way to Chicago for a weekend of foodie fun and visiting some friends. I swear, the universe was trying to tell me to stay in Boston.

As I was walking out the door of the office, one of our systems was acting up. My coworker knew I was on a tight schedule and told me to go–she would take care of it. Thank you, Jess. Of course, my commute home should have been smooth but traffic was backed up in the O’Neil tunnel. I poked around the house a little too long, and then when I called a cab to take me to the airport, they were late. My OCD for being on time started hitting me. Just to fray my nerves a little more, the blue line had broken down and traffic around East Boston was brutal. My frustration level hit the roof.

I made it to the airport in plenty of time. As I was at the Southwest security checkpoint at Terminal E, I started going through the ritual of removing my belt and putting things in my bag that would slow down the screening process. Along the walkway and windows, there are sills that have the heating units. I set down my jacket, boarding pass, and driver’s license as I was shoving things into my bag. How it happened, I still don’t know, but my driver’s license fell down into the vent of the heating unit. So much for getting on the plane, right?

This is where my instinct as a business traveler saved my ass on this trip. As I was running around the house, I had grabbed my passport. For some reason, I almost always carry two forms of ID when I travel. And this time, it served me well.

In the meantime, I need to contact Massport to see if they can find my driver’s license. It probably makes sense to contact the RMV and order a replacement. It sucks, but that’s how it works.

Without my passport, I wouldn’t have gotten on that plane.

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