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January 17th, 2010 by Mike

When I travel, I prefer to use my passport as ID instead of my driver’s license. I’d hate to lose my driver’s license.

When I got my passport almost ten years ago, I didn’t have the actual copy of my birth certificate. Because of this, the State Department only gave me a passport valid for one year. After I was able to order my official birth certificate, they added an endorsement page that made my passport valid for the full ten years. If you just look at my photo page, it would look like I have an expired passport.

Every time I fly through Baltimore, TSA fails to check my passport’s expiration date. Granted, my passport is valid, but they never question it or look for the page that extends the validity date. Today, for the third time, TSA failed to notice this. I finally spoke to a supervisor and pointed this out. He treated it as if there was nothing he could do.

This is a little frightening that they fall to do this with such alarming regularity. I think I might have to make some more noise.

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  • Chris writes:
    January 17th, 20105:30 pmat

    I had a similar situation: my US passport was lost in the post after I sent it to the Home Office in aid of my naturalisation application (I think someone in the Home Office mailroom nicked it, actually). When I got my replacement, it was only good for a year (in case the lost passport turned up; it didn’t). The embassy then extended it for 9 years.

    Every single time I used it the agent would look at the photo page, look for the expiration date, rummage around in the back, and finally find the endorsements page. It got so I’d tell them “Page 23” as they fumbled around in my passport.

    I finally got a new one late last year. I only use it for trips to the US, as I use my British passport for everything else.I look forward to the agent not having to fumble around in it for the next 10 years.

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