August 26th, 2009 by Mike

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If you follow me on Facebook, Flickr or Twitter, you may know that I’ve been pondering a move back to the city. I love my condo, but living in Salem has become invconvenient. Between doctors and chorus obligations, I’m in the city pretty frequently.

If you look at my moving history, a 2BR in Pittsburgh, 2BR in Providence, 1BR in Boston, and a 2BR in Salem, I have a lot of stuff. My second bedroom in Salem has effectively become a big closet. Enough is enough. I’m purging a lot of crap I just don’t need anymore.

This project has been incredibly refreshing. I’m throwing away stuff I haven’t seen/used/touched/needed for ages. This includes clothes. I have a ton of clothes that just don’t need to be kept. As I’m doing laundry, anything that isn’t worth keeping gets discarded. (I’d rather replace than fold clothes, anyway.) Last night, I tried on three suits that were in the closet. Not one of them fit. They’re going to Goodwill. An entire box of magazines has been discarded.

I used to keep every boarding pass from every flight I’ve ever taken. Those are history as well. If it wasn’t made or owned by a grandparent, it’s not sacred and up for purging.

Last night, I threw out six huge trash bags of stuff. There are two more that aren’t in this picture.

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