Second Rehearsal
September 18th, 2008 by Mike

Last night was my second rehearsal with the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus. First, I had dinner with my “chorus buddy” who is like a mentor to help me get a feel for what I’m getting myself into. We ate at one of my favorite places in the south end, and we discovered that we have mutual friends.

Rehearsal was fun. Long, but fun. The music is getting more challenging, and still I’m enjoying it. After rehearsal, a large part of the group went to Fritz for a few drinks. I could only stay long enough for a beer since I had to get home and be up early for work this morning. I got to hang out with some fun people, and that’s been the best part of all this.

I was talking to someone who is originally from the south, and we got talking about Paula Deen, and he was telling me how he used to eat in her restaurant all the time before she was famous. And he was telling me about his experience meeting Julia Child. How cool is that? At one point, I found myself in a huddle with a bunch of guys talking about another one of my passions, Project Runway.

I won’t be going to Portland for my birthday now. That weekend is the chorus’ annual fall retreat in Ogunquit, ME. I’m really looking forward to that. Christopher, my “chorus buddy” and I already have our accommodations set. I’ll be going up early on Friday to make a stop at the Stonewall Kitchen Company Store since it’s on the way to Ogunquit.

Tickets for our season are already on sale. That’s just a little intimidating.

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