Marinated Steak Tips
August 17th, 2008 by Mike

Yesterday, I went to the Hilltop Steak House Butcher Shop in Saugus to get some meat. I picked up a four pound bag of steak tips. About half of that went into the freezer. The other half got split between four plastic bags where they awaited their marinade.

Tomato Basil
A whole tomato
a glug of balsamic vinegar (tne inexpensive stuff)
three cloves of garlic
a bunch of basil leaves
a glug of olive oil (the inexpensive stuff)
One green onion

This all went into my magic bullet for a brief whirl.

Tex Mex
A glug of canola oi
A glug of tequila
zest of one lime
juice of three limes
one jalapeno pepper

Again, this went into the magic bullet for a brief whirl.

A glug of soy sauce
About a tablespoon of grated ginger (fresh)
a glug of canola oil (I should have used rice wine vinegar)
about a tablespoon of wasabi paste
One green onion

Once again, a brief pulse in the magic bullet combined all of this.

American – This is the one I “iron cheffed” because I had no idea what I was going to do
A glug of whiskey
A drizzle of honey
Some green onion
A bit of worcester sauce

All of the bags got sealed with their meat and marinade in them, and then they spent the night marinating in the refrigerator. Tonight, I cooked up the Tex Mex and Italian. The Tex Mex were okay, and I mean okay. The Italian, on the other hand, were amazing. This is a recipe I need to cultivate because it could very easily be used to feed a crowd. I cooked up some pepper with my steak tips.


What you see in the picture above is the Italian tips cooking with the peppers. The Tex Mex had just come off the grill and the peppers had just gone on.


This is obviously more than just one meal. Well, I ate the entire portion of peppers, but half of the steak tips will be for lunch tomorrow with some steamed asparagus.

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