Dear Martha Stewart
August 17th, 2008 by Mike

Dear Martha,

Every time I walk through the kitchen section of Macy’s, I’m amazed at all of the items from your collection that Macy’s sells. And every time I walk through, there is some item that I never knew I needed. Or if I knew I needed it, I thought I’d need some high-end name brand that was really expensive. You’ve shown me the light.

A few weeks ago, I found your cast iron dutch oven that works just as well as the LeCreucet dutch ovens, and yours cost a fraction of what theirs would. And you sell it in red, to boot! Yesterday, they had your cast iron griddles marked way down. On top of that, it was sitting on the 40% off table. That’s right, I paid $14 for your cast iron griddle. I love how it’s reversible, allowing me to have a flat griddle or a surface that will do grill marks. It will be broken in tonight when I cook my steak tips that are marinating in the refrigerator.


If you ever want a gay guy to come cook on your show, I would be happy to volunteer.



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