February 18th, 2008 by Mike

In my little fantasy world, I would have an unlimited supply of money and the ability to travel to exotic destinations on a whim.

Tonight, I was looking at the Hawaiian Airlines website and noticed that they serve Tahiti. Just for giggles, I priced out the airfare from Boston to Papeete, Tahiti since Hawaiian doesn’t serve Boston. $1500 in May is a little more than I can afford for just the airfare. Anyway, what caught my eye is that Qantas (the Australian national airline) served it from LAX. That had to be a codeshare since it was on an A340, and in fact, it was. It turns out that this is an Air France flight. That, too, sounded like a code share. Why would Air France do LAX to Tahiti? If my geography were a little better, I would have known that Tahiti is also known as French Polynesia.  So yeah, Air France serves this one from LA.

It sounds like an absolutely wonderful place. Perhaps that should be a destination for me in the future.

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