Odd Flights
February 18th, 2008 by Mike

This is one of those things that airlines do and I’ll never understand it. Frequently, you’ll see a flight that starts in one city, stops in a second, and then continues on to a third. For example, a flight might start in Philadelphia, stop in Pittsburgh, and then continue on to Los Angeles, all on the same flight number. Southwest does this a lot. In most cases, the plane stops, but you don’t actually have to get off the plane because it’s just a stop.

This situation, though, is very different. Delta flight 118 starts in Boston, stops in New York, and then continues on to Paris. This is fine except for one thing. The flight changes planes yet it keeps the same flight number. That just doesn’t make sense to me.


And as much as I love flying on the Boeing 757, I really don’t like the idea of flying across an ocean in a narrow body aircraft. I’m sure it’s perfectly safe. It just seems… somehow wrong.

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