Delta’s New Safety Video
February 20th, 2008 by Mike

I read in a recent blog post that Delta is premiering their new safety video.

It’s awful.

If the cheesy acting isn’t bad enough, the flight attendant wagging her finger while telling me that smoking is not allowed on any Delta flight is just too much.

Maybe I’m just nitpicking the aircraft, but they filmed this on a Boeing 757 and the graphic showing the exits is a 737-700. Keep in mind that Delta doesn’t even fly the 737-700.

In all fairness to Delta’s people, these things are incredibly boring to watch, so making them has to be even more painful.


UPDATE: Okay, in fairness, I double-checked my facts and wasn’t entirely accurate. I was correct when I said that Delta doesn’t fly the 737-700. They fly the 737-800. However, Delta does have ten of the 737-700 on order. (details)

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